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Erdoğan & the Military

My snap analysis, written as the coup attempt in Turkey was coming to an end on Saturday morning:
“The coup attempt will be a pretext to clamp down even further on the ‘parallel state’… But in Erdoğan’s post-coup rule, it is Kurds, liberal voices in the media, trade unionists, and opposition parties… who will bear the brunt of ramped-up authoritarianism, censorship, and lumpen-populism…
…If democracy and pluralism are to have a chance, it is crucial that Erdoğan is not allowed to further monopolise the “pro-civilian”, “pro-democracy” narrative and that opposition voices of all stripes are heard. The prospects for this in the current political landscape are bleak.”

Read here on EA WorldView: http://eaworldview.com/2016/07/turkey-analysis-erdogan-military-bleak-future-people/

(Article edited by Scott Lucas)